Ko Lanta is the southernmost island off the coast in Krabi Province, Thailand. Ko Lanta's geography is mountainous and rugged, especially near the southern tip; some beaches are gravelly, other has fine white sand. Clans of Chao Ley, or sea gypsies are the newest residents on Ko Lanta Yai. They preserve many of their ancient customs, such as setting ceremonial boats adrift to bring good luck and prosperity on the full moon nights of the fifth and eleventh months. The island is quite large and suffers from a spilt personality. The north end is developed, with hundreds of hotels, resorts, cabins, rooms, shops, restaurants and other regular backpacker haunts.
In the south development is more scattered, the jungle more prolific and the beaches quieter and cleaner. The beaches are all on the West cost, facing west onto the open Andaman Sea. The East side of the island is mainly rocks and Mangrove forests, picturesque in a dramatically different way, with many small islands on the distant horizon.

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Sun Island Tours/Lanta Longtail is located at our over-the-sea-studio in Historic Lanta Old Town on the South Eastern Coast. Originally, Si Raya (known today as Lanta Old Town) acted as the port and commercial center for the island and provided safe harbor for Arabic and Chinese trading vessels sailing between the larger ports of Phuket, Penang and Singapore. Today, Old Town was the district capital; it has a Cultural museum, post office, police station and the island’s hospital as well as a long pier. It is made up of many charming old Chinese style wooden houses built 60-150 years ago. The village of Ban Sang Ga U on Lantas Southern tip is a traditional Chao Ley fishing village. There are many good restaurants in Lanta Old Town. Two that come to mind are Fresh Restaurant and Krua Lanta Yai or Beautiful. Both sit on the waterfront with splendid views of Lanta’s eastern Islands.

To reach us, drive over the hill past the view point to the Eastcoast to old town, once you arrive at the pier turn RIGHT and follow the seaside road past the stilted houses.

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